Flying like an eagle… Eddie the eagle

With all this Stay At Home malarky going on, the gardens at Masher Towers are looking splendiferous, for a change. The current Mrs Masher and I are not ones for gardening, but hey, what else are you gonna do? To be fair, it’s Mrs M who has done most of it; I’ve just got involved out of a sense of guilt.

Our garden waste bin is full-to-bursting and weighs a ton (maybe). That’s not helped by the council stopping the garden waste  collections during this time of the plague. And the glass bottle crate is also full-to-bursting, for the same reason.  The two things that many people can legitimately do during lockdown – gardening and drinking – and the council won’t take it away! Oh well.

It’s not just the garden that looks the best it has in twenty years, but the garage has also been tidied, to the point where I can now walk from one end to the other, without tripping on something.  And, during that big tidy up, I found our old Nintendo Wii Fit.  Mrs M told me to throw it out, years ago, as it wasn’t being used anymore. But, you know me: I don’t throw anything away if it’s not broken.

As such, there has been a resurgence of running,  stretching, balancing and ski-jumping in the Masher household.

Add that to the World Swingball & Badminton Championships that are happening in the garden this weekend, and it’s looking to be a great Summer of Sport!

I was especially pleased to see that the Ski Jump record of 398 meters, that I set in 2016, has been retained in the Wii memory. It still stands, even now, despite many valient attempts by the rest of the family, to oust me from the top spot.

Of course, being as modest as I am, I hardly ever mention it to them.


  1. Alan

    Just hope you do not fall flat on your face with those boasty comments.

    • Masher

      Never: I’m far too good to allow that to happen.

      • Rajesh

        I m with you Mark 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Jules

    I put my gazillion glass bottles on my neighbours side. I thought it was funny…

    Do we get a council tax rebate for this lackadaisical behaviour? No. Apparently not. It’s gonna look like a bad bank holiday weekend at Wetherspoons by the time they get to my house.

    Well done, Eddie!

    • Masher

      I bet they didn’t!
      Will they take away that many empty Pimms bottles?

  3. Brennig

    I just had a wee.

    But in other news, we’ve pulled the stops out in the garden over the last few weekends. It’s looking pretty good now.

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