Getting back to normal

Or for whatever counts as normal, round here.

This morning, me and seven others, jumped onto our motorcycles and took a very enjoyable ride out through Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock, and then cross-country through Buntingford and then a blast up the A10 to Royston, where we stopped at our regular biker’s café for a slap-up cooked breakfast.

Of course, the café was closed, so we had to settle for whatever we had taken with us – in my case, a bottle of water and a bar of peanut brittle. Not as good as two sausages, egg, beans, mushroom and toast all washed down with two cups of splosh, but it had to do.

We all sat at different benches outside the café and shouted to each other, which felt rather stupid.

But the actual ride was brilliant fun, and it felt great to get back on two wheels.

And on Friday night, we had our first McDonalds for two months. The kids were ecstatic!  As I tucked into my Big Mac, I realised it was something I hadn’t missed at all.

So, a couple of small steps back toward normality.

But it does annoy me, that the government have said we can now meet one person outside of our family… but they haven’t yet told us who it is.


  1. Alan

    You can’t beat the wind in your hair, the flies in your face and that virtual fried breakfast. Ah.

    • Masher


  2. Brennig

    Hmm. I’ve resisted the temptation; Ninja’s still in the garage but I did get her out over the weekend and polish her again. Again. Again.

    • Toffeeapple

      You have a Ninja? Oh, be still my beating heart! My last bike had half a Ninja engine, it was a Kawasaki 450 LTD – it was the only bike in the shop that I could get both feet on the ground with.

      • Brennig

        I had to look it up – well that’s some easy rider-styled machine!

        • Toffeeapple

          Yes, not my first choice but, being a little woman it was the only one that I could ride.

      • Masher

        Didn’t I see you on Sons Of Anarchy, TA?

        • Toffeeapple

          Blink, and you’d miss me!

    • Masher

      Get her out on the roads whilst they are still pretty empty!

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