When you wish upon a star…

Disney+ entered the streaming market a while back, with much fanfare.

Having paid big bucks for the rights to screen (most of) the Marvel films alongside it’s own considerable canon of work and – of course – the recently acquired Star Wars stable, Disney+ has plenty to tempt the TV viewer.

And my kids were very tempted.

But no, I stood firm against their pleading whimpers. “We already have Netflix and we already have Amazon Prime, I am not paying for another streaming service!” I said, putting my foot down.

Anyway, we now have Disney+

And I have to say, there’s some pretty good stuff on there.

Being a fan of the Star Wars franchise, I was pleased to be able to watch The Mandalorian – a spin-off TV series which I’d heard good things about (and the theme tune to which is my current ear-worm).   And I’ve not been disappointed: it really is very good. If you are a fan of the genre, I urge you to watch it.

We have watched several of the Marvel films on there too.  I don’t know why, as we have them all on DVD anyway.

And, I have just started watching another Marvel spin-off: WandaVision. It’s a bit strange, it has to be said, but I am now three episodes in and it is just starting to get interesting.

In other news On other channels:

Last night I finally finished watching Start Trek Discovery. I nearly gave up on this several times but saw it through as I had already invested many hours of telly time on it.  I’m pleased to say that it came good in the end, but boy, I found it a tough watch (I’ll admit to falling asleep halfway through several episodes).

And when I saw that a new series of BACK was airing on Channel 4, I immediately rushed to their online boxsets and watched the first series, before then indulging in the second. What a little gem! How had I missed this, first time round?

Sticking with a comedy theme, I had high hopes for Steve Carrell’s Space Force on Netflix, but after three episodes, I just couldn’t stomach it any longer and gave up. It’s rubbish, avoid it.

Greenland is a film on Amazon Prime, that I watched at the weekend.  It stars Gerard Butler and if you like end of the world / apocalyptic type films, then you might enjoy this. I thought it was done rather well.

And, of course, Richard Osman’s House Of Games on BBC2 has become a regular thing to watch whilst we have our evening meal, because who doesn’t enjoy showing off how clever they are to the rest of the family?


  1. Brennig

    Thanks for the tip re Greenland. I’ve put it on the list. We are ploughing through all of the Marvel films before we get to Wandavision. We don’t have Disney+, we just have a login that belongs to someone else…

    • Masher

      Sneaky 🙂

  2. Dave

    We have Netflix and Amazon but won’t be getting Disney+. Or at least not until grand-daughter visits. Then we’ll probably give her a damned good listening to and get it for her.

    • Masher

      That’s right, Dave, you need to teach kids that they can’t just have everything that they want… just like I did.

  3. Rajesh Kumar

    I liked Greenland as well apart for a few bits.. Channel 4 is also showing cricket these days 😀😀

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