It’s bin a while

It’s that time of year, when we look excitedly ahead to see what increases will be bestowed upon us, as regards the Council Tax.

Because, it goes up every year.

Without fail.

Sometimes by a little, more often by quite a bit.

And this year – before we have even received notification of the increase, in the post – they have added another cost.

From now on, we will have to pay an extra forty quid each year, to have our brown bin (garden waste) collected and taken away, each fortnight between March and November.

Of course, we don’t have to pay that.  We can choose not to. But then our garden waste won’t be taken away.

Mrs M and I don’t do a great deal of gardening generally, we don’t get much enjoyment out of it. Mrs M did have a splurge last year, but has already stated that she has lost interest.

But, even so, in the Summer, the brown bin is usually full to the brim each fortnight, with grass cuttings and bush trimmings, etc, because it all grows so fast, so we will have little choice but to pay up for this new cost. As will many people, I’m sure.

But what will really annoy me is that sometimes, the bin remains empty.  As I say, we do very little gardening and even then, really only in the summery months.

In early Spring and late Autumn though, gardening takes a back seat to… well, just about anything really.

So, for many weeks of the year, I will be paying extra to have my bin emptied… when it is already empty!

But of course, many people either won’t pay or can’t afford to pay this new cost/tax.

I can see an increase in bonfires at the weekend.


  1. Alan

    We have one of them. £64 per year(we have a choice of size 240l or 120l. Certainly need the 240 most times down here) Ours is collected once a fortnight but all year round.
    I pay that so it saves us all a trip to the tip. Down here we still cut the grass in November because it is still growing with it being quiet mild.
    Mind you I am expecting Clare to knock on the door to tell me how much extra I have to pay towards our share of the council tax this year, Always nice to see her.😣
    PS the only thing down here we don’t have is a glass box so we have to go to the always overflowing bottle bank.

    • Masher

      Ahh, well we do have a glass box.
      That will probably start charging separately for that, next year.

  2. Brennig

    £40/year for our garden waste to be collected; been that way for quite a few years I understand. We don’t have a glass box (or even a box for glass) and we are told not to put glass in the general recycling bin because glass is not recyclable. Apparently.

    • Masher

      Eck, I thought ’twere bad down ‘ere, but ’tis definitely grimmer oop north.

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