Guess what…

… I got up to this Bank Holiday weekend.

Well, we did our bit for the economy, by Eating Out To Help Out and then spending a further couple of hundred quid on footwear – new walking boots for Amelia and myself and then a stupid amount of money spent on new sandals (yes, the old faithful’s have had to be replaced: still plenty of years left in them, but sadly, our trip to Cornwall left my increasingly debilitating feet crying out for something more comfortable and so I have finally given in to the family’s wishes).

But, I aided the economy further still – well, I added to the lining of Jeff Bezoz’ pockets – by doing a complete PC rebuild.

Having been rock solid for years, Deep Thought 7 started playing up a little while back… I even dismissed the occasional Blue Screen Of Death as a minor inconvenience: “It’ll sort itself out”.

But, it didn’t, and once it started happening more often, it became evident that something needed to be done.

And so, I spent several hours updating all my drivers: far too many were out of date.

All that seemed to do, was aggravate it and prompt further and more frequent BSODs.

And then it failed completely; refusing to boot up at all, or allow me to reinstall Windows.

I initially diagnosed the SSD hard drive as the culprit, but a new one (my word, haven’t they dropped in price?) proved me wrong.

Several runs of MemTest86 declared the RAM to all be in order, so that left the motherboard or the processor.

So, time for a complete upgrade, methinks (any excuse).

Three hundred quid later, I have a nice new machine, that seems to run a lot cooler than the old one and is almost silent in operation.

And she’s fast.    Eighteen seconds from pressing the power button to Windows loading and waiting for me to enter my PIN number. 18 seconds!

OK, I know that will slow down quite a bit, once I add the four external USB hard drives; the NAS; the printers; the SDR radio, and the HF radio (Oh god: I’ve got the nightmare of getting all that working again!), but right now, I’m absolutely loving my new toy.


  1. Alan

    So a pair of white socks are on your Christmas wish list.

    • Masher

      Nope: the new computer doesn’t need socks to boot up.

  2. Dave

    My laptop has pretty much died. I don’t know why. It freezes or drop connection to the internet. It’s probably one of those drivers you talk of. So I have taken over The Magnificent M’s. I’ll probably buy another but do I get an AZERTY keyboard and confuse myself even further?

    • Masher

      An AZERTY keyboard sounds like it would add a lot of fun to your day, Dave.

  3. Brennig

    Impressive rebuildering skills! I need to speed up the family Acer. I’ll get around to it one day. Maybe.

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