Thwarted by the dreaded lurgi

If it were not for this darned Covid business, today I (and the family) would be climbing aboard a cruise ship in Miami, in readiness for a week-long trip around the Caribbean, followed by a further week seeing the delights that Florida has to offer.

But instead, I am at home, sweating my bollocks off in this ridiculous heat.

Of course, I know they have it hot over there too, but it’s a different kind of heat.

It’s holiday heat.

It’s better heat.

And I’ll tell you what else is better over there: the air conditioning.

They have much better air-con over there… at least, much better than what I have here in this spare bedroom from where I currently have to work.

I’m sweating like Prince Andrew in a Pizza Expess.

Roll on Autumn.


  1. Alan

    Wonder if that is why Pizza Express are closing many of their outlets because they are no longer allowed to say…By Royal Appointment.
    Deodorant may be a good substitute for Autumn.

  2. Brennig

    Prince Andrew has gone suspiciously quiet lately. Anyway. I’m surprised you haven’t fabricated your own air conditioning?

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