These boots were made for walking

Having a mutt, means I do a lot of walking.

Which is good, as I need something to persuade me to get my fat backside out of the chair, sometimes.

Problem is, ‘walkies’ is something that has to be done daily.

Twice daily.

Whatever the weather.

As such, I have proper outdoor clothing… bought from proper outdoor clothing shops.

I got myself a new pair of leather walking boots last year. They are a good make and seem to be well made.

They weren’t that cheap, either.

A little tab on the laces says “Waterproof” and I wondered how that could be if stitching is involved, so I asked the shop assistant if they really were waterproof.

“Yes”, he said, “… they are. To a degree.”

Well, he was right, because I took the dog out earlier and after about an hour, my feet were soaked.

Soaked to a hell of a degree.

It’s not like I’m wading through streams or anything, just walking in longish grass.

This is the third pair of walking boots that I’ve owned, which were supposedly waterproof… but actually weren’t.

How can they be tagged as being waterproof, when they clearly aren’t? There must be some sort of trading law that’s being broken here, surely?

Anyway, if the wet weather continues, I may have to dig out my Farmer Giles’ welly boots.

I hate wellies.


  1. Alan

    You also hate wet feet.
    When walking our dogs either in wet grass or the beach I wear Karrimor walking trainer type shoes which also state that they are water proof. I cannot remember the last time my feet got wet even when stepping in puddles.
    We also have wellies but they always seem to stay indoors.

    • Masher

      Yep, tried Karrimor. No joy.

  2. Dave

    I’ll have you know that having read your post for some reason the targeted advert on the BBC site is walking boots! Also I should mention I didn’t spot any that were properly waterproof.

    I have some made by Quecha that I use for work. They are listed as waterproof and can cope with rain but not with standing in water. They come from the sports chain Decathlon. My entire clothes shopping these days seems to come from there or C&A,

    • Masher

      Adverts on the BBC site? Is that because you are viewing it from Frogland?

      If they can’t cope with standing in water, then they can’t really be labelled as being waterproof. Can they?
      Eau proof?

      Ahh, C&A… I remember them.

  3. Brennig

    I love my wellies. They’re Hunter knock-offs. Comfy as comfy could be. We are rumoured to be getting a dog. Maybe my Caterpillar walking boots won’t be up to the job and I’ll have to wear my wellies. But I can’t remember the last time I took my Caterpillar out for a walk.

    • Masher

      That’s what annoys me about my boots: they are super comfy. I can easily wear them all day long, if needs be.
      But not when my feet are wet.

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