If you didn’t already know, yesterday was national Time To Talk day.

At work, cakes and doughnuts were supplied in the canteen and people were encouraged to come along and chat.

Of course, most people just came along for the confectionary, but several did take the time to discuss their problems with a Mental First Aider.


I just went for a doughnut and a cup of tea.

And then a slice of fruitcake – not very apt for a forum discussing mental issues, I thought.

But all in all, the event seemed well attended and my little counter box with the blue buttons was put into play for the first time and showed that 75% of those who attended, felt it was a worthwhile exercise.

The remaining 25% just wanted more cake.


  1. Alan

    I am over qualified to comment on this one.
    It is nearly 0730, my daily medication time.
    Glad the box had it’s first real time test.

  2. Dave

    Re your fruitcake comment. When I was being treated at Royal Marsden, the cancer hospital for those who don’t know, I was always amused by the chalkboard at the cafe which announced “syrups 10p”. I always wondered whether this was done on purpose as there is a very dark current of humour between the staff and the patients.

  3. Jules

    No it wasn’t! It was ‘send a card to a friend’ day! And on that note, you sir, should have sent us all some cake! Think on.

  4. Brennig

    Thursday is Cake Day. Every single Thursday (at work, obvs). We have a cake rota which is strictly observed. I’ve put on so much weight since I started working there.

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