Cloth Ears

I arrived home from work yesterday evening and Harry said “You had a phone call earlier, from the local mental centre.

“The where?”

The local mental centre

Having very recently done a course on mental health, my mind immediately turned to that. But, I didn’t remember giving them my home phone number. “You sure it was for me”? I asked.

Yeah. They asked for you by name.”

This had me a bit flummoxed. Also, I didn’t know the town even had a ‘local mental centre’… although I’m sure it must have, somewhere.

Intrigued, I pulled up the Recent Callers list on the phone and googled the number.

And I now have an appointment booked.

At the Luton Dental Centre.


  1. Ah! How nice to hear a good old fashioned insult. I, like most of my compatriots, will have been called cloth ears by parents and probably teachers alike as teachers were allowed to call you such things without fear of legal recourse. Of course, these insults could scar you. I baulked at being called a Nitty Nora by my Akela everytime I did something stupid, which was a lot of the time. I’d have settled for cloth ears 1000 times more.

  2. Wasn’t Nitty Nora the slang name reserved for the nit nurse?

  3. You should just do the mental centre

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