Je suis revenu

Not that you’d know I’d been away.

But I have.

I’ve been down to the South of France to spend a week with the family. They are all still down there and won’t be home till the weekend.

But I am now back at home… scratching my mosquito bites.

How was your holiday, I hear you ask?

Well, it was OK. A bit too hot, maybe, but I kept out of the sun as much as I could.

To be honest, I was getting a bit bored after a while.

I always do.

Fortunately, we had a hire car, so we went out a few times. The picture above was taken on my phone, as we walked back to the car, after a hard day’s Geocaching.

My flights on SleazyJet were uneventful, save for the delays. But I was pleased to see that we had a pilot with a sense of humour on the flight home last night:

“For those of you on the left-hand side of the plane: if you look out of your windows you will see a lovely cloudless view of London. You won’t get a better view than that. And for those of you on the right-hand side of the plane… if you look to your left, you’ll see the heads of the people on the left-hand side of the plane, enjoying a wonderful view of London. I’m afraid you won’t get a better view than that.”

I had a window seat on the left-hand side and it was indeed a fantastic view. Being nighttime though, I didn’t recognise any of it.

Upon landing, I was disappointed to find that the free shuttle-bus to the train station, now costs £2.30.

I was annoyed even further when, having purchased my train ticket, I found that the gates were open at either end and I could have ridden for free.

And the final twenty-minute walk home from the station stretched to nearly double that, because my carry-on bag weighed more than twice as much as it had when I originally packed it – carrying most of Mrs M’s clothes as well, due to her needing to make space in her suitcase for all the extra stuff she’d bought out there.

But anyway, I’m back now and the dog is pleased to see me and the temperature is more comfortable and the bed… well, there’s nothing like your own bed, is there?

Now, where did I put that bite cream…?


  1. Alan

    I guess the big question is, has Mrs M’s bush grown while you have been away.
    Hoping you all had a good time and the rest of the family have a good journey home.

    • Masher

      I’m still trying to dig the roots out. It’s a bastard!
      Was hoping to get the final bit done before she came back, but it ain’t gonna happen.
      Busted my spade and had to go and buy a new one. Even hacking at it with a hatchet has proved fruitless.

  2. Frances

    You need to look up ” stumpbusters”!!
    If your bites are itching like mad…….get a hairdryer……on hot…..and direct it onto your bite until you can’t bear the heat anymore. It works, and there is a scientific explanation online I am sure! I have read it ages ago but can’t remember what it said…good luck. Stops the itch for hours!

    • Masher

      Just looked them up and they’re local! Doubt I’d use them for this though – unless I get desperate – as it’s not really a stump. Handy to know though. Thanks.

      Bites are pretty much OK now. Always find they get better really quick when I come home to Blighty.

  3. Dave

    Ooh, look at you and your past tenses!
    I’m glad there were some mosquitoes up there, I thought they were all down here biting chunks out of me. Most of them must be flying very slowly about an inch off the ground under the weight of blood they have nicked from me.
    Hot? Hot?? Last week was positively average! It was cold enough this morning (19°) that I wished I’d put a pullover on.
    Glad you got some geocaching in, or whatever they call it here.

    • Masher

      Oh yes, Dave, to use the modern vernacular: I can drive Google Translate like a boss. 🙂

      Up there? I thought we were slightly south and to the east of you?

      We only started suffering with the mozzies on the last couple of days, when the temperature dropped a bit. I don’t know if there is a connection.

      Le Geocaching, I guess.

      • Dave

        You were about 120 miles ENE of us, or to put it another way, we are about 120 miles WSW of where you were. We are just outside Limoux.

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