Jammy bastard

When I am at work. I will have porage as a mid morning snack – as I have mentioned here before.

But at home – as I am today – I’m quite keen on tea and toast.

With jam.

And – as everyone knows – the best jam to have on toast, is apricot.

You are all probably also aware that the best apricot jam in the world, is made by my sister-in-law.

Unfortunately, she has run out, but this pot of French apricot conserve, is actually a pretty good substitute.


  1. Brennig

    I dun the working at home thing today and as a result I didn’t have lunch until gone 3pm instead of 9.30am… What’s conserve?

    • Masher

      French for jam.

      I think.

      • David Sheriton

        That would be confiture, young Masher.

        It’s all to do with the amount of fruit it contains as to whether it is a jam, spread, preserve, conserve, sticky mess…

        • Masher

          I bow to your expertise in this matter, Dave.

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