Ri… ring, ri…ri…ring

This is our home telephone.

Well, one of a set of three.

Like most home phones, it’s of the cordless DECT variety.

And it’s knackered.

We seem to go through phones like they are going out of fashion. I reckon I have to replace them every couple of years or so.

We’ve had all the makes, but none of them seem to last.

“Panasonic is a good make”, “I thought. These should last OK”.

But no. The ringer is gone and we can hardly tell when it’s ringing sometimes.

I wouldn’t mind so much, but we rarely use them.

Maybe I’ll go back to the old corded versions. With a wire.

They never went wrong.

Well, hardly.



  1. Two cans and a piece of a string. That’s the way to go!

    • Ahh, the good ol’ French telephone system 🙂

      • Never failed me when I was still in nappies.
        We have a set of 3 Panasonic phones(not the same model)which we have had for over 4 years and never had a problem with them. Have not even had to change the batteries.
        Like your ones they do not get used very often apart from the very welcome weekly incoming call.

  2. The only calls we were getting on the home landline were scammers and ” surveys” etc, so we got rid of it! There is a business line so we aren’t totally reliant on our mobiles!

    • I think many people are getting rid of their landlines nowadays and are content to use the millions of ‘free’ minutes on their mobiles instead.

  3. What’s a home phone?

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