Can you see what it is, yet?

From this picture, you can probably guess what I have been doing today.

We last painted the front of the house, about ten years ago and it has been looking rather shabby of late.

Mrs M also wanted to change the colour: grey is the new magnolia.


First coat was done this morning and a second coat tomorrow.  We have to get it done by midday, because that’s when the sun works it’s way round to the front and the temperature becomes unbearable to work in. And my aluminium ladders become unbearably hot to stand on, I discovered today.

I’ve really got a lot on, tomorrow, so I’ll probably have to start about 7am.

Michelangelo had it so much easier!


  1. Get on with it and quit yer whinin’! Make sure you do it topless as us birds like to watch a bloke working up a sweat on his ladders;)

    Grey is the new Magnolia.

  2. Don’t start before 7 as some good neighbour will phone the police to report a
    As for the title of your blog………
    As Rolf said to 2 little boys.

  3. There’s a job for you up here when you have finished with that one down there

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