Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It’s been a tiring old weekend, with lots getting done and we needed to kick back a bit.

So, this afternoon, we had some family over for a barbecue and a few drinks.

And then a few more drinks.

Now, I’ve liked whisky for a long time and our sideboard has many bottles in it, that have been bought me over the years.

And whilst I’m partial to a nice scotch, I find Irish that bit smoorther.

This one was unopened and was shouting out to be uncorked… Mick and I didn’t want to let it down.

A fair afternoon’s work, I’d say.


  1. Alan

    Now we know why you like to do the shopping on your own. Surprising how many bottles you can hide in the bags.

    • Masher

      There is method in my madness.

  2. Brennig

    I’ve tried, but never really been able to enjoy the Scotch (Whisky) or the produce of any other nation (Whiskey). But a drop of the Irish, now and then, has helped warm my cockles. And muscles. Alive, alive-oh.

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