Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It’s been a tiring old weekend, with lots getting done and we needed to kick back a bit.

So, this afternoon, we had some family over for a barbecue and a few drinks.

And then a few more drinks.

Now, I’ve liked whisky for a long time and our sideboard has many bottles in it, that have been bought me over the years.

And whilst I’m partial to a nice scotch, I find Irish that bit smoorther.

This one was unopened and was shouting out to be uncorked… Mick and I didn’t want to let it down.

A fair afternoon’s work, I’d say.


  1. Now we know why you like to do the shopping on your own. Surprising how many bottles you can hide in the bags.

  2. I’ve tried, but never really been able to enjoy the Scotch (Whisky) or the produce of any other nation (Whiskey). But a drop of the Irish, now and then, has helped warm my cockles. And muscles. Alive, alive-oh.

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