Bathing the dog

Last night Mrs M came back in from walking the dog and shouted for someone to run the bath.

“This dog is filthy!”, she proclaimed.

It was true, Saber had chased something into the woods (a fox or a deer, we don’t know what), but when she emerged she was caked in mud.

To be fair, her underside had been getting messier and messier with all the rain we’ve been having, slowly turning the fields into a quagmire.

It was a job we had been putting off, because (unlike the dog in the picture above) Saber really doesn’t like going in the bath. It’s a three-man job: two to hold her in there and one to wash.  And at the end of it, the dog may be clean, but the bathroom and all of us are filthy.

Somehow, she knew what was about to happen and refused to come up the stairs, but with some tasty doggy treats, we eventually enticed her.

Then there was the usual struggle, as I tried to lift her into the bath, whilst she wriggled and struggled, placing all four feet on the sides of the bath to try and stop me lowering her into three inches of warm water. What’s that about? Get the hose out in the garden and all she wants to do is get as wet as possible!  Take her over to Milton Keynes and she can’t wait to jump in the lake and chase the ducks.  But, standing in three inches of warm water seems to terrify her.

Stupid dog.


  1. Graham W

    Try getting a Mud Daddy (we got ours from Amazon).

    Rio, our Golden Retriever, also likes finding the muddiest of puddles as well as loves rolling in anything smelly. A quick text to the missus to fill up the MD and when we get back he’s straight into the garden for his doggie shower. Works a treat.

    • Masher

      Ordered! Thanks Graham.

  2. Frances

    I am glad that my dog is a schnauzer and not a GS when it comes to bathing him! He gets regular baths as he gets a skin problem that needs medicated shampoo. He isn’t keen but he puts up with his shower in the bath . Even walks up the stairs! He is actually a very clean dog…..he will walk round a puddle if he can.

    • Masher

      That’s another strange thing: Saber will avoid puddles, as much as possible.
      But running in a wet and muddy field… such fun!

  3. Brennig

    Our spanners put up with a bath, even though one of them becomes part seal when there’s any kind of water about. The dog in the photo though, that’s a life goal.

    • Masher

      He certainly looks happy enough!

  4. Dave

    I may get one for me. The high pressure jetwash tends to sting a bit.

    • Masher

      But, I bet you’re REALLY clean afterwards!

  5. Rajesh Kumar

    This was such a fun story Mark.. Thanks for sharing.. You should make a video of the event.. It will be hilarious 🤣🤣

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