All jabbed up with no place to go

To badly paraphrase Mr Meatloaf.

Yes, yesterday I had my Covid vaccination – the Pfizer one (you don’t get to choose).

I must say, it was all very efficient.

I turned up five minutes before my appointment, was seen spot on time and was done two minutes later.

The worst part was having to sit down and wait for fifteen minutes, before being allowed to leave – just in case I was to keel over for some reason.

I didn’t keel over and drove home without feeling any ill effects.

From leaving the house to getting back home took no more than 40 minutes.

I’ve sat for longer than that in the doctor’s waiting room, before now.


  1. Dave

    M has just been to the doctor;s for a repeat prescription and been told we are on the list, looks like late March with second jab late April, but we are his standbyes if someone fails to turn up. Yay!!!!

    • Masher

      The paperwork I got with mine says I should be called for the second jab within 21 days, but I didn’t think that was the UK policy: get everyone done on the first jab, then look toward doing the second one.
      We’ll see.

  2. Brennig

    I have yet to hear when I’ll be getting mine which seems a bit odd, being classed as vulnerable because of heart attack… Well done for not keeling over. I bet there are specially-trained personnel waiting to swoop on anyone who looks like they might be on the verge of coming into sudden contact with the floor. Sort of keeling over Ninjas or something.

    • Masher

      Your time will come youngster.
      I think you are right: as a dozen or so of us sat waiting on the blue plastic chairs for our fifteen minutes to be up, I did notice one of the volunteers continually giving us the once over.

  3. Rajesh Kumar

    Well done Mark..

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