It was Mrs Masher’s birthday earlier this week.

We did nothing special for her.

At all.

Normally, we would have gone out for a meal, but that’s obviously out of the question.

She could have cooked something special (I don’t do cooking, you know that), but that day she was late home from work, anyway, so it was just whatever was in the freezer.

With chips.

So yesterday, she got to choose whatever she wanted as her birthday dinner – from the limited array of takeaway meals at our disposal.

She opted for Nando’s.

Because she loves Nando’s.

We all love a Nando’s.

Whilst they didn’t deliver, they did do a Click & Collect service, which was fine.

I don’t think the takeaway meal tasted quite as good as when you have it in the restaurant, but… it still tasted great, and when you haven’t had one for a long time, it always tastes even better.

And Mrs M was well happy with it, and that’s what counts.


  1. Alan

    You certainly know how to spoil a girl.
    It is always the thought that counts and if it went wrong it would have been Mrs Ms fault as she chose it, Win Win for you.

    • Masher

      Yep, I know what I’m doing *taps side of nose, knowingly*

  2. Frances

    Just been catching up on all your February posts. I hadn’t seen any of them as you were rarely posting and I had got out of the habit of clicking on your name when I went through the blogs that I read. In spite of you saying at the beginning that it would be boring I didn’t find it so……well maybe the motorbike one ! It did remind me of the time I was injured falling off my boyfriend’s Velocette 500 when I was 17. He took a country corner too fast and we skidded on the gravel at the side of the lane and basically stopped the bike with our 2 left knees! (I still have the scar nearly 60 yrs later)
    You must be so proud of Harry for getting in to the RAF. What an excellent thing to do for him. No huge University fees to pay back for the rest of his life, and a job that will always be useful.

    • Masher

      Hi Frances,
      Yes… well, I’m proud that he has applied. He hasn’t actually got in there yet: there’s a little way to go. He passed his aptitude test; the next step is a medical followed by a physical (fitness test) and then finally an interview.
      It seems that nowadays, the forces won’t just take on any old Tom, Dick and, well… you know.

  3. Brennig

    You are the epitome of smooth, Young Masher. In these lockdown times that is a birthday treat most excellent. Well done.

    • Masher

      I thang you.

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