G Day

I was a bit surprised yesterday afternoon, when there was a delivery from DHL of some chocolates, a bunch of roses and a heart shaped balloon.

I racked my brain: had I inadvertently ordered a Valentines Day gift for the wife?

No, I hadn’t. I was sure of that.

That meant of course, that she must have a secret admirer.


Then I looked at the address label and saw that it wasn’t for Mrs Masher, but for my daughter.

So, my daughter has a boyfriend she hasn’t told us about… or she has a secret admirer.


I needn’t have worried: as it turns out, this was a late delivery for Galentines Day.

That’s right: Galentines Day.

Never heard of it? Well no, neither had I, but apparently, it’s a thing.

It’s supposedly a day for all women to declare their sisterly love for their best friends.

Apparently, this idea was thought up in an American sitcom, way back in 2010 and it has since gained traction around the world.

I bet Hallmark are absolutely loving it.


  1. Alan

    ‘and we thought covid was a bad thing.

  2. Masher

    We did.
    And we do.
    And it is.

  3. Dave

    Well what I want to know is where is the one for blokes to send a bottle of beer and a footie video to their mates. You know, Palentines Day! (Do not mistake this for Palestines Day otherwise it could cause problems amongst your middle eastern friends).

    • Masher

      Gahh!! I was trying to think of a blokey equivalent, but you’ve hit the nail on the head there, Dave.

  4. Brennig

    Galentine’s Day? I thought that was a ventriloquist thing. Gottle o’ gear

    • Masher


  5. Rajesh

    Oh Dear!

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