Tubby 2

As I was walking past a neighbour’s house a few weeks ago (not an immediate neighbour, but just around the corner: there’s a path that runs along the back of the houses), they were out cutting down some large bushes that were overhanging their 6-foot high wall.  And with the bushes gone, I could see that they had built a lean-to in the garden – I could just see it’s roof above the wall.

Having not seen them in a long time, I stopped and chatted for a few minutes. Karen explained that she had come into some money and so had decided to splash out on a hot tub.

Yes, a hot tub.

If I came into some money, I don’t think buying a hot tub would be uppermost in my mind.

But, each to their own.

Saturday evening, whilst walking the dog along the same path, I passed their back garden and I could hear bubbling water and the sound of Marvin Gaye sitting on the dock of a bay. Karen and Ian were quietly talking.

“Each to their own”, I thought, as I zipped my coat up tighter against the chill wind that was blowing.

Then yesterday evening, when the temperature was literally freezing outside, I again heard them, laughing and talking in the tub, as I walked past.

This time though, there were three voices: one female and two male.

“Each to their own”, I thought, raising an eyebrow as I did so.

I’ve been in hot tubs when we have been away on holiday and can’t say I have ever really enjoyed it.  I’m generally bored after about five minutes.

Maybe it’s more interesting the way Karen and Ian do it


  1. Alan

    Perhaps they enjoy the fact that they know people can hear them walking along the path.
    PS She may even have a bookcase just like the one in your other blog.

    • Masher

      It’d be a very damp bookcase.

  2. Brennig

    Someone close to hereabouts is interested in a hot tub. Or, as I call it, a sex pond.

    • Masher

      I like that. Next time I see them, I’ll ask how things are going with the new sex pond!

  3. Dave

    When I did my pool course, we touched quickly on hot tubs. It went like this;

    “Don’t go in a hot tub. You can shortcut the health benefits by sticking your head in a bucket of sick!”.

    I will be giving them a miss.

    • Masher

      There are supposed health benefits?

      In a sex pond? (see, I’m using it already)

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