On the train again

I am currently on a training course for two days.

I can’t say I am enjoying it very much.

We started this around the same time last year (I mentioned it here) and we completed all but the last two sections, which were spread over two days in March.

Of course, we all know what happened then!

And so, a year has passed and the course has been back on and off several times, resonating with the national lockdowns and restrictions.

So now, it has been decided to finally get it finished by completing the rest of it online.

I found it difficult enough when we were in the classroom, but 8 hrs a day on a laptop is definitely harder.

The tutor is a nice enough bloke, but I think he took an instant dislike to me right at the start: the first topic of discussion for the class was Innovation, and he started to talk about the internet and how it has changed our lives.

“Does anyone know who invented the internet?” he asked, a slight glee in his voice.

“I believe it evolved from ARPANET, which was a system originally designed to transfer information between American universities”, I said.

A few seconds, then: “Nope, it was a British scientist…” he said, emphasizing the word “British”, as a picture of Tim Berners-Lee flashed up in the Webex slideshow.

“Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, which is just a part of the internet.” I said, cutting in. “They’re not the same thing”.

There was a short silence.

“Moving on…”


  1. Brennig

    I’d back you to the hilt on this. Far from the same thing. I hope that chap as learned something from this correction.

    • Masher

      I’m not sure where my hilt is, but thanks, Bren.

  2. Dave

    Now you see, that sort of comment is the sort of thing that leads to me being banned from quizzes for arguing with the question master.

    • Masher

      Yes, but if you are right, you are right, and you shouldn’t get banned for that.
      And Bren will always back you to the hilt.
      It’s something he does.

  3. Rajesh

    ALOHA was the protocol

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