Brain dead

This week, I have been in training.

Learning all about hydraulics and fluid dynamics.

This is a page from my workbook.

You can see where I’ve been using the Hazen-Williams Equation to work out friction losses.

Can’t you?

And today, we have been working on the Benoulli Equation to show how the speed of a fluid will increase or decrease inline with a change in it’s potential energy.

Of course,

I haven’t worked on calculations like this, since I was at college, back in the eighties, so it’s fair to say I’m struggling with it a bit. 

And whilst those around me are all using the calculator function on their phones, I have been using my trusty calculator from my college days.  It’s interesting to see that – like me – it’s not as fast at working out these big sums as its more modern counterparts.

I’m happy to admit, that I’m struggling with it all, a bit.   And even when I think I’ve done one easily and sit back smugly, it normally turns out that I have made a stupid mistake somewhere along the line, which has left me with a result that is nowhere near what it should be.

Whilst I was no Carol Vorderman, or Rachel Riley (I’ve got better legs), I was reasonably good at maths, back in the day.

Where did it all go?


  1. Alan

    Where did it all go you ask.
    In the same bloody direction as everything else. I can vouch for that.👇

    • Masher

      That’s where you went, isn’t it?

  2. Brennig

    It’s all Greek to me, Archimedes.

  3. Rajesh

    A perfect knockout punch 🙂

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