I received an email from my dental surgery, earlier this week, explaining that they were now open for appointments, but are currently limiting the number of people they can see.

Meantime, it said, please follow this general dental advice to help maintain your oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes as a minimum
  • Spit the toothpaste out after brushing, do not rinse! And do not rinse for a minimum of 30 minutes after brushing
  • Reduce the amount of sugar you are having through food and drink and try to limit them to mealtimes only
  • Stop smoking if possible and ensure alcohol intake is less than 14 units per week

OK to all of them but, not rinsing? Since when did that become a thing?  I’ve always rinsed. Everyone in my family rinses.

So, after reading this advice, I tried not to rinse.

Can’t do it. It’s horrible.


  1. Robert G4PYR

    Something you can’t get your teeth into then?

    These suggestions or recommendations come round from time to time, but you can never trace the source of it, most strange!

    • Masher

      Indeed, Robert.
      That and nougat. Christ, but I love nougat.
      Unfortunately, my teeth don’t.

  2. Alan

    Not bad if you can use 14 units of beer to take the taste away.😁

    • Alan

      Mine have a hot bath every night when I go to bed.🦷

      • Masher


  3. Toffeeapple

    My dentist tells me the same thing; apparently if you spend two minutes brushing your teeth, they are then coated with all the good things from your toothpaste so if you just spit, the chemicals remain and do your teeth good but, if you rinse you remove all the chemical goodness! I can’t just spit either – after more than 70 years it would be impossible to change.

    • Masher

      Maybe it’s an American thing.
      Perhaps that’s why they all have such bright, pearly whites and we don’t.

  4. Brennig

    Is this the old ‘spit or swallow’ conversation?

    • Toffeeapple



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