Hammer Time

It’s 08:30 on a Sunday morning, as I type this and through my slightly open window, I can hear the sound of a hammer drill pounding into brickwork.

It’s not coming from any of the houses in my road, but rather, from the next cul-de-sac along.

I suspect it’s the same chap who got an angle grinder for Chrismas because, bright and early on Boxing Day, we could hear the distinct sound of angles being grinded. And that went on for several days.

OK, I know that the weekend is the only chance for people to get these sorts of jobs done, but this early on a Sunday morning. Really?

It doesn’t bother me too much, as I’m an early riser, but for those that like to have a lie in…

I too sometimes have noisy jobs to do at the weekend, that will involve power tools, but I have rules: no earlier than 9am on a Saturday and 10am on a Sunday.

I think that’s reasonable.

But not everyone is as considerate as me, so we can’t stop this.


  1. Alan

    Probably having to fix back the bits he or she cut off with the angle grinder by mistake.

    • Masher

      Or maybe just adding bits to angle grind at a later date!

  2. Dave

    You should worry. The roofers next door decided to start at 6.30 am because it was too hot in the day. First job of the day was to throw the roof tiles to the ground that they had taken off the previous day. I’ve probably mentioned that before. It still rankles.

    • Masher

      As it should.

      Damn Frenchies. Anyway, shouldn’t they be on strike? it’s been a while.

  3. Brennig

    When we were ‘doing up’ (making habitable) the house, our next-door neighbour came and complained because we were hammering and banging at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. I think it’s difficult to please all of the people all of the time. Your hammerist should just have at it because 100% satisfaction is far from guaranteed (and probably far from attainable).

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