You get what you pay for

This is the calculator that I use at work.  I took it out of my desk drawer specifically for this photo. And I wrote SHELLOIL on it, because it would have been infantile to have written BOOBS… and – contrary to popular opinion – I am a grown up.

I bought this calculator… actually, I didn’t – my parents bought me this calculator to do my college exams with.  I remember going into Dixon’s with my mum, and I remember her wincing at the price when I picked out the one that I wanted.

But, I’ve always been one to look after things and so this calculator – though it’s somewhere around 38 years old – still works perfectly. And it even still has the original instruction manual, tucked into its imitation leather, plastic wallet.

It got me through my electronics exams.

It got me through my Radio Amateur’s exam.

It even got me through the mathematical questions they suddenly threw at me, at my job interview for the GPO/British Telecom.

OK, yes, I’ve had to change the batteries and clean up the PCB, but on the whole, mum, I think I got your money’s worth.


  1. Brennig

    OMG! It’s an MS802! I used to have one of th who am I kidding? Of course I didn’t. But I had something very similar. Very, very similar. I dropped it out of my jeans pocket when I was on the roof of the house. It didn’t bounce much. It didn’t work ever, after that. But I used to do do BOOBS. And SHELLOIL. I still do, at work, because it amuses me. Because I am not a grown up. Unlike you.

    • Masher

      And the world is a better place for it, Bren.

  2. Jules

    You could probably flog that on the Antiques Roadshow!

    • Masher

      Never! We’ve been through too much for me to lose her now.

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