Bird seed

Last year, for my birthday, Mrs Masher and the kids got me some nice vouchers.

For Millets.

Other outdoorsy -type shops are available… which is just as well, because I love outdoorsy-type shops and often spend far too much time and money in them.

Jackets!   God, I love an outdoorsy jacket.

Or coat.

My wardrobe is full of ’em.

Having to walk a dog in all weathers is a damn good excuse for having as many as I do.

But, I had forgotten I had these vouchers, and so Mrs M dragged me to the nearest store – in Hemel Hempstead – yesterday afternoon, where they had a Closing Down Sale.

As, sadly, most of them seem to have nowadays.

I spent the vouchers on a few shirts and some new gloves.

And a jacket, of course.

And then we went to a little café for a late lunch.

It’s not often that Mrs M and I get to spend ‘quality’ time together nowadays, so that little shopping spree and a bite to eat, was actually really nice.

We must do it more often, before all the outdoorsy-type shops close down.


  1. Alan

    Sorry in advance.
    The clothing must have been going cheep.

    • Masher

      Apology NOT accepted. That was terrible!

  2. Brennig

    I detest shopping. It’s just not in my jeans

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