Today’s post was to be a tale of triumph over adversity.

A story of how, yesterday, ingenuity overcame complications and obstacles.

Of how ability, inventiveness, knowledge and maybe even cunning, won the day.

It was to be an account of how one man overcame a set of challenges,  placed to hinder, impede and, ultimately, prevent him from reaching his goal.

With pictures.

But, it was very windy, so I didn’t bother putting the aerial up, in the end.


  1. Alan

    Does that mean you were vertically challenged.

    • Masher


  2. Rajesh Kumar

    It will be a better day next time.

    • Masher

      Thank you, Michael Fish!

      • Rajesh

        It was great weather this time, you must post the pictures. And i checked today its still up and running. Thank You . Thank You. Thank You.

  3. Brennig

    Do you have no TV reception at all? Did storm Ciabatta blow your erection away?

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