Birthday Girl

Today is the current Mrs M’s birthday.

On Saturday – whilst in Sainsbury’s – it occurred to me that I had better get her a card.

More than that, I had better get three cards: one from me and one from each of the kids… because they are bloody useless and won’t think to do it themselves.

The greetings cards in Sainsbury’s are overly expensive, in my opinion (other supermarket giants charging extortionate prices for a bit of card, are available).

But… between 2 and 3 quid for a bit of printed card?


Especially when I have to buy three of them.

No matter… I had a plan!

Harry was in town and rang me, asking for a lift home. “Sure thing, but first I want you to pop into the cheap greetings card shop and get three birthday cards for your mother.”

It was a bit of a risk, because he’s sometimes not the most savvy of kids, living as he does, in a world of almost perpetual online gaming and youtube videos.

But, I picked him up and he briefly flashed the cards at me. They looked OK. “Well done.”

Then last night, we went to write in them.

Mother’s Day is next month, right?


  1. Brennig

    Made me do a proper laugh out loud. I hope it’s a shaggy dog story

    • Masher

      Nope, completely true.

  2. Toffeeapple

    Oh dear…
    By the way, Mr. Masher, your blog posts have sddenly turned up in my Bloglovin feed! All of the February ones – all at once…

    • Masher

      Nothing to do with me, Ta!

  3. Alan


    • Masher

      Oh yes… Happy Birthday to you to, Alan! 😊

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