Locking the stable door

Our neighbour was burgled last week.

The neighbour that backs onto our garden.

They only moved in about six-months ago, so that’s not a particularly nice welcome for them.

To get in, the perpetrator(s) climbed over the fence and smashed the glass on the patio door.

Their new patio door that they only had fitted last month.

I don’t what (if anything) was taken, but I think they were possibly targeted because they were one of a very few houses around here without a visible alarm system… a police officer once told me that 90% of burglaries happened to properties without an obvious, visible alarm system.

Our neighbour has now had a visible alarm fitted.


I do wonder as to the worthiness of CCTV though.  From what I have seen on telly, the hoodie is the chosen attire for most of these criminals and it does an effective job of hiding their facial features.

We don’t have CCTV, but we do have a Saber… and she is an excellent deterrent!


  1. Alan

    A “Beware of the bitch” sign is enough to deter most would be burglars.

    • Masher

      I know. But Mrs M took offence when I put that up!

      • Brennig


  2. Brennig

    OK, that’s interesting. We don’t have a visible alarm (or an invisible alarm). We also don’t have a dummy alarm box with flashing light (but I’m sure the savvy burglarist can tell these apart from the real McCoy – not crisps). But we do have two dogs and one is very bark-happy – and sounds like a much bigger dog than she really is. And we do have internal cameras downstairs. I use them to look at the dogs when I’m at work…

    • Masher

      Shouldn’t you be working?

      • Brennig


        So last night Alex showed me his Google-connected house. Cameras up the drive and on the outside. Various Google gadgets indoors including smart lightbulbs. He’s got it rigged so that when someone approaches up the drive lights come on in the house.

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