Best till last

Mrs Masher bought me an advent calendar at the beginning of December.

A big box, with a bottle of beer behind each perforated cardboard window.

Different beers from around the world.

And, it was a cracking selection because, out of the 24 bottles, I think there was only one that I didn’t enjoy (can’t remember which it was).

But last night, sitting in front of the telly, watching Spiderman: Homecoming, whilst balancing a plate of home-made enchiladas on my lap, I finished off the last of the 24 bottles.

Brewed in Assemini, a small town in Sardinia, this was quite possibly the pick of the bunch.

I’m quietly hoping for another advent calendar, this year!



  1. Toffeeapple

    Would you investigate that beer and try to get more? How many days are there in Advent, is it just 24? What’s the one where people give up things? I get confused with all this religion.

    By the way, I have just read your other postings, some interesting things there, especially the one about Smart meters; I have no knowledge of them at all, would you be willing to put up a post about them, to educate me?

    • Masher

      Well, a quick look around the internet shows that it’s not available in many places.
      Amazon sell it (third-party), but it’s quite expensive, so I’ll probably just stick with what I can get from the supermarket.

      I only know about the smart meters we use in the water industry, in London, TA, but I might well write something up later in the month if I’m struggling.

      Like tomorrow, maybe 🙂

  2. Brennig

    An advent calendar? This is a thing? If this is a thing then this is a new thing! I like new things especially when they convey beer. I shall investigate this thing forthwith. It could be very advent-ageous. Advent-ageous ! Hahahahaha… See what I did there? Advent-ageous? (yes, I know it’s spelt advantageous, but still)

    • Masher

      Definitely a thing.
      A good thing.

  3. Rajesh Kumar

    Will I ever get one? Probably not

    • Masher

      Depends how Lucky you are.

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