I Don’t Belieeeeeve It!

Continuing on a TV theme…

The annual National Television Awards show is where viewers vote for their favourites, rather than a panel selecting the winners.

This seems fair enough.

But, I was surprised to read in the news that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s sublime Fleabag and Ricky Gervais’ superb dark comedy After Life, were both beaten in the Best Comedy category at the NTAs, by Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Yes, Mrs bloody Brown’s bloody Boys.

Really, people? That’s what you went for?

Proving once again that the Great British public just cannot be trusted with the vote.




  1. Dave

    I suppose Ant & Dec won something. I think this was the award show where they won something last year when Ant hadn’t even worked for the year.
    Can’t stand them myself.

    • Masher

      They did indeed win. That is something like nineteen times in a row!

  2. Alan

    Mrs Brown…Who the feckin hell is that……

    • Masher

      It’s a bloke in a dress.

      • Alan

        Get a few of them down this way.

  3. Brennig

    I saw that. Surely, I thought to myself, Mrs Brown’s Boys being entered in a Comedy category is an accident? Even though it won, I still feel it was an accident

    • Masher

      Sadly, upon checking the NTA website, I found that it has actually won in that particular category, several times.

  4. Jules

    I am quite flabbergasted by that result!

    Yep, the public are as thick as f…

    • Masher

      Dimmer than a glow-worm’s armpit.

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