If I’m honest, one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much of late, is because I have been getting lazy.

Yes, my blogging mojo went, but so did most of my other mojos.

For ages now, I have mainly been found of an evening, slumped on the sofa, in front of the telly.

Y’see, a particular box-set on Netflix has me hooked.

Sons of Anarchy.

With ninety-one episodes spread over seven seasons, it has kept me going for nearly four months.

It’s got sex.

It’s got violence.

It’s got Harley Davidson motorcycles.

In short, it ticks all the boxes for me.

I’m now more than halfway way through the final series and wondering what I’m going to do once it’s finished.

Maybe I’ll get my life back.


  1. Brennig

    The mojo thing gets some sympathy from me. I’ve become addicted to the Twitter over the last five/six years; have to consciously moderate what I do and how I do it there. That’s where my blogging mojo has gone. I need to try and restore the balance

    • Masher

      There are many who need to consciously moderate what they do on the Twitters… newsreaders and American Presidents come to mind.

  2. Alan

    Can’t beat a throbbing Harley between your legs.

    • Masher

      If anything throbs between my legs nowadays, it’s a Triumph.

      • Alan

        Just woke the missus up laughing.

  3. Masher

    Interesting point: the lead character in Sons Of Anarchy is played by Charlie Hunnam, who started his acting career in Byker Grove with And & Dec.

  4. Jules

    Sex and Harley’s – what a series…

    But, Masher, there’s always Vikings or something…you’ll be alright.

    • Masher

      Treadstone on Amazon is currently piqueing my interest.
      As is Picard.
      And because I have never watched it, I was told just yesterday that I am doing myself a disservice by not watching Luther.
      Vikings, I am not aware of, but will take into consideration.

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