Birthday girl

Yesterday, I went to a family function. It was a small party to celebrate my auntie’s 90th birthday.

Some people travelled quite a distance. I  didn’t… it was just a ten-minute walk for me 🙂

But, it was great to meet up with cousins who I’ve not seen for ages. Nowadays  we tend to see each other just at weddings and funerals… increasingly (it seems) the latter.

But the Masher family (on my dad’s side) are quite long lived… barring illness.

My dad is in his eighties and is as fit as a fiddle and his sister was a sprightly ninety yesterday… you certainly wouldn’t think she was that old if you met her.  Dad’s eldest brother died a couple of years ago, at the ripe old age of 97 and another died just last year aged 92.  His mum was 94 when she passed.

So, there seems to be some longevity in the family.

Based on that, I might be doing this bloody blogathon  for a good few years yet!


  1. Toffeeapple

    Crikey, that’s a darn good age to get to.

    • Masher

      It certainly is.
      No-one in the family has yet done it, but my money is on auntie Jean to get the ol’ telegram from the Queen.

      • Toffeeapple

        Do you suppose that Prince Charles will have to send a Card to our Queen when she reaches 100 years old. I think she sent one to her Mother…

  2. Brennig

    Be careful what you wish for… you might get it 🙂

    • Masher

      I’ll be doing a holo-blog by then.

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