Short changed

Once again, I’ve been looked over in the Birthday Honours list. Pah!

Oh well. Maybe next year.

Last weekend, I fitted a new burglar alarm for my aged aunt. My dad came along to help run some of the wiring.

Her old alarm was also fitted by me, about 20 years ago and, whilst it still worked OK, it was getting a bit long in the tooth.  But the main reason for replacing it, was because she was struggling to reach the panel nowadays.

And so, I replaced it with a nice new one and then added a remote keypad in the hallway, at a level she could reach easily.

She was very pleased and gave me some money for doing the work. Of course, I refused: she’s family.

But she insisted.

And I refused.

This went on for a while before I grudgingly accepted. She’s proud of still being able to pay her own way, I can understand that. “Take it. Treat your dad”, she said.

And so, last night, we went out to our favourite Toby – we love a carvery – taking dad and his partner with us, to have a meal… paid for by my aunt.

The total cost of the meal came to 4 pounds more than she had given me.

I’ll pop round to see her later, to see if she will stump up the rest.



  1. Alan

    Yet another good deed performed by the Masher.
    I am never surprised by what you would do for a free meal.🥩
    Your aunt probably has the 4 quid ready for you knowing what you are like.
    Only joking Mr M.

    ps At least the Queen has you sussed out.

    • Masher

      Hold on: that wasn’t free… I earned it!
      But, it’s true. My rate for private work, tends to be one cup of tea and two chocolate biscuits per hour.

      Mrs Queen dunno what she missin.

  2. Rajesh

    Mark as always you bring smile to faces.:)
    I have a burglar alarm installed at my house which i don’t know to operate. 3 years back during Christmas break i tried my hands on the remote pad which set the alarms off. with everything closed for Christmas, it was my wife who googled for the default codes which calmed it down. I have been warned not to touch it again.
    I will make you tea when you give me an insight of how these things operate. 🙂

    • Masher

      Being able to silence the alarm using the default code, really isn’t a good thing.
      But yes, happy to discuss over a cup of tea.
      And a biscuit.

      • Rajesh Kumar

        Thanks Mark, which biscuits is your favorite

    • Alan

      The only code you need is the Bar Code for the large hammer at B & Q. That always works.

      • Rajesh Kumar

        🤣🤣 will that not prompt the police to arrive

        • Alan

          I thought that was the idea of having an alarm.

  3. Toffeeapple

    Oh look, you popped up in my feed thing…

    It was good to read your musings and please, never refuse payment by an oldie, we have our tenets you know. I don’t have an alarm but I do need my bed moving – will a tenner, a cup of tea and some Border Biscuits Dark Chocolate and Ginger do it?

    • Masher

      Border Dark Chocolate & Ginger are one of my favourites, TA!
      I wonder if they ever fixed that spelling mistake that I pointed out to them?

  4. Toffeeapple

    I will try to remember to check it the next time I buy some.

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