Guilty, as charged

I do wonder about myself sometimes!

Last night, I built a wireless charger for my phone.

It took about a week for the bits to arrive from China, and then about an hour for me to fit it into a suitable container that would act as a charging pad – I used the lid off of a jar of decaffeinated coffee.

My schoolboy error?

My phone doesn’t do wireless charging!

Oh well, at least it was quick and cheap. And it hasn’t gone to waste, as Amelia’s phone does have that functionality, so she has already snaffled it away to join the junk on her bedside table.

*Must do better research next time*


  1. Dave

    OK. Before you get a great idea to build a wireless charger for your electric vehicle you might need to stop and think…..

    • Masher

      Stop and think, eh?

      • Alan

        Yep, just think how many neighbours cars you could charge.

        • Masher


  2. Alan

    Not really relevant but you should be arrested for assault & battery and placed in a dry cell over night and be charged first thing in the morning.

    • Masher

      You put a lot of effort into that one, Alan.
      Worthy of a smiley πŸ™‚

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