Good and bad

I’ve had a torrid time of it this week, on the motorways.  I know I often joke about it, but I’m starting to wonder whether being able to bring traffic to a standstill, merely by being on the same road, really is my super power… as rubbish as that would be.

My journey home from work on Monday had an extra hour added to it, when an accident on the M40 reduced the motorway from three lanes down to one. During rush hour.

Likewise on Tuesday, an accident on the M1 at Hemel closed three of the four lanes during rush hour, adding ninety minutes onto my journey home. Ninety minutes! And when we finally got moving and got past the accident, there was hardly anything to see. If I’ve been made to wait that long in the traffic, I want to see a reason for it, carnage even, not just a BMW with it’s front bumper hanging off!

Wednesday. Don’t get me started on Wednesday! I had to go to Swindon for a couple of meetings and so left half an hour earlier than normal. We suddenly ground to a halt about 2 miles from J18 on the M25. And we just sat there. And sat there. Eventually we inched along and I could see that all the lanes had been closed, due to an accident and the police were turning vehicles round and sending them back up the motorway. We all got diverted through Rickmansworth. Can you imagine four lanes of motorway traffic driving through Rickmansworth? It wasn’t particularly quick, I can tell you! I eventually arrived in Swindon – having completely missed my morning meeting – after five and a quarter hours. A journey that normally takes about two and a half.   I left as soon as I could, following my afternoon meeting, but was thwarted once again when an accident on the M4 slowed us all down. “Long Delays Between J12 and J10” threatened the overhead signage. My heart sank and I looked to my satnav for advice. “Avoid this bit of the motorway and go through Reading”, it said. Sort of. No way! I’ve been caught like that before. Reading at rush hour? It’d be a nightmare.  And yet…   If I could just get to the A329… Inexplicably – and possibly because I still had the morning’s motorway horror still in my head, I found myself taking the slip road at J12 and heading to Reading on the A4.  I was right: it WAS a nightmare.  Four hours after leaving Swindon, I arrived home.

Thursday wasn’t so bad, save for a bit of a hold up on the 413 Denham Road in the morning.

And then yesterday, Friday – when I can normally work from home – I had to go into work for a meeting. I had a lovely journey in. Friday mornings are definitely the best time for driving on the motorways.  Friday afternoons, not so.  My journey home was again lengthened by some numpty who doesn’t know how to drive properly on the motorway, ramming into the back of another vehicle and causing a huge tailback on the M1.

If only everyone was as good a driver as what I am, there would be no accidents. They all drive too fast and too close. Unlike Miss Daisy here.

But today has been good: a leisurely drive to our local annual ham radio rally with a couple of mates.

Good weather.

Plenty to see.

A couple of bargains.

Meeting up with more friends.

And an ice-cream.

A perfect Sunday.


  1. Alan

    Perfect indeed.

    • Masher

      T’was good to meet up with you again, mate.
      Hope your journey home was OK… should have been, because I wasn’t on the motorways at that point.

  2. Rajesh

    It was a really a nice Sunday, really enjoyed my outing. Lot’s to see at the boot sale. The 20£ acer notebook seems to be a perfect buy for my dad who never had one before, it took me forever to set up (restore the factory default) and finally the firefox browser worked.
    I love my binocular for a tenner, hoping to take this to cricket world cup match which is in England this year.Mark, Cricket is the most exciting game :)) of everything else played.
    Thank you Mark.

    • Masher

      I thought you bought them binoculars for your daughter to play with!
      Glad you enjoyed it, Rajesh. Maybe next year, you might be buying radio related stuff instead 🙂
      The thing I like best about watching cricket, is that it gives you a chance to catch up on your sleep.

      • Alan

        That has got him stumped.😊

  3. Dave

    Can you try to keep the roads relatively clear later this week. I fly in on Thursday and leave again Tuesday. If you could keep well away and use your special magnetic power for attracting traffic jams then I will be fine.

    • Masher

      Well, I’ll try, Dave, but I can’t guarantee anything. Sorry.

  4. Brennig

    I had a torrid commute this morning. 18 minutes door to door. I even had to filter for half of the journey. But the sun was shining, the tarmac was warm, the bike was humming away and everything was good. The temptation to keep going straight past the turning to work, and head for the seaside was very strong

    • Masher

      Thanks Bren… I feel much better for knowing that!

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