Buzby’s book

This came through the door the other day.

Look at it: pathetic!

Those of you of a certain age – that’s my entire readership, then… yes, both of you – will remember when the phone book was such an epic tome, that it wouldn’t actually fit through the letterbox. And the ‘… good ol’ Yellow Pages’ wasn’t much smaller.

I can remember seeing Geoff Capes on Nationwide (I think), showing just how strong he was by making a Herculean effort to tear a phone book in half.

This latest edition is a combination of both the residential phone book  AND local businesses. Those two books stacked on top of one another would have been about two and a half inches thick! This new one is exactly one quarter inch. I doubt that Geoff would have much of a problem with that. In fact, I reckon even I could probably tear that in half with just my bare hands.

In fact…

*Five minutes later*






(actually, that was bloody hard!)


  1. Jules

    And you wanted to carry my bags? Lightweight…

    • Masher

      Yeah, fair point.

  2. Alan

    I bet you asked Saber to do that for you.

    • Masher

      She’d have made a better job of it!

  3. Toffeeapple

    Phone books and Yellow Pages are such a waste of space now, I suspect that very few people have need of them especially since the advent of Google – (other search engines are available).

    • Masher

      Indeed, TA, a waste of paper, that’s why I had no qualms about tearing it up.

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