Where ya bin?

Toward the end of last year, the local council announced that they would be reducing the bin collections.

Our black bin – the one for general waste – would now only be collected fortnightly.

This – they said – was in an effort to encourage people to recycle more.  This thinly-veiled excuse was obviously to try and cover up that they just needed to cut back on collections, to save money.

Our green recycle bin is only collected fortnightly, as it is, and is usually chock-full by the time they come to collect it, so how we are supposed to get more in there, I don’t know.

And now the black bin is just as full. More-so, actually.

The only reason the lid shuts on it (well, nearly shuts), is because I have to climb into the damn thing on a weekly basis and jump on all the rubbish to compact it all down.  I just know that one day, a bin-bag will burst and I’ll get a slipper full of old tea bags and baked beans and shit!

And the glass bin is only collected once a month.  Each Friday, I find myself wondering which bin it is that has to go out… I have no idea! I usually end up peering across the road to see what the neighbours have put out.

It’s all a bit rubbish, really.


  1. Alan

    We have similar down here but we have 2 grey bins(had to pay a one off fee for 2nd bin) for general rubbish, 1 green recycling bin & 1 brown for garden waste. Have to pay £62/year for the brown bin but it does save queuing at the tidy tip with the grass etc. No glass collection down here, have to take that to one of many bottle banks locally. All bins are collected fortnightly.
    What about when they start the food waste collections are you going to eat more or jump in that bin to get more in.

    • Masher

      You have to pay extra for the brown bin collection? That’s mad!
      That said, maybe we have to as well, but it’s built in to the rates, so we don’t see it.

      They did trial the food waste bins a couple of years back, but it disappeared.

  2. Dave

    Our bins are collected three times a week. Bit of overkill in the winter but in the summer heat the sooner they go the better!

    • Masher

      Three times a week?!
      I’ve always said the French were way ahead of us.
      No, I have.

    • Alan

      Why do you have so much rubbish in France.

      • Dave

        To be fair, as a village we have communal bins, so they soon get filled up. I’m more surprised that the glass recycling isn’t done daily with all the wine bottles.

        • Alan

          Anyway who gave Mr Masher Sunday off.

  3. Toffeeapple

    You should pop up here to MK and use my bins. Everything is collected weekly, blue box for glass, green bin for garden and food waste, transparent bags for recycling and buy-your-own black bags for general waste.

    • Alan

      It’s good to see we have a standard system across the country that is total garbage.

    • Masher

      Right, gimme your address TA and I’ll be up pronto, with a car full of rubbish.

      • Toffeeapple

        I’ll PM you! 😉

  4. Brennig

    Yes! I have to compact (don a pair of wellies, climb into the wheelie bins and jump around a bit) the household rubbish and the recycling rubbish (both being fortnightly collected. Also, just FYI, we are not allowed to put glass in our recycling because, apparently, glass isn’t recyclable.

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