Count your blessings

 A young chap at work has the enviable task of talking to members of the public about the Water Board’s plans for the area.

I say ‘enviable’, but he enjoys it. He’s that sort of chap. It doesn’t appeal to me at all. Horses for courses and all that.

But, he was telling me that when he goes along to an event and sets up his tent, he has no-way of keeping track of how many visitors he has had and whether the experience has benefited them at all.

So, I built him a counter. Just a simple thing, shown in the picture attached to this post.

It only took me a weekend to build the electronics and fine-tune the software that someone cleverer than me, put together.

However, it then took many weekends to design and build a wooden box to put it in.

Far too many weekends.

Because my woodworking skills suck. As you can see.

So, I was somewhat apprehensive when I presented it to him last week.

But, he was over the moon.


Exactly what he needs, apparently.

Other ideas for its use, have been offered up from other parties who have seen it in the office and I feel that I might get commissioned to build another one.

I’m happy to.

Happy to do the electronics, but someone else can build the bloody box for it!


  1. Alan

    You can’t beat good old fashioned dove tailed screws. Joint of choice for many, even me.
    Looks ok. When I was in engineering a question that often came up was “Is it fit for purpose” and your answer is yes.
    Just one old saying comes to mind.
    Never judge an electronic gubbins by its box.

    • Masher

      No worries: I have all the dove-tailed screws a man could eat… and then some.
      And glue! I have so much glue.
      It’s like I’m a carpenter or summat.

  2. Frances

    That is exactly the job my husband has done for years…..designing plastic boxes that ” gubbins” go in. If you need any tips I am sure he would help!

    • Masher

      Really? He sounds useful to know!
      Actually, that box design isn’t quite what I wanted. My original design incorporated a sloping front, but after several (27) attempts, I gave up.

      • Frances

        email me if you want to get in touch…he would be happy to assist. He is semi retired so has time on his hands!! (You could set up a little business together)

        • Masher

          I’ll bear it in mind, thanks. 🙂

  3. Frances

    PS. He was the designer of the ” viscount ” telephone.

    • Masher

      Well, waddya know! Clever chap!
      I had an image of the Viscount phone in my head as I read that, but I googled it to be sure it was the one I was thinking of.
      And it was.
      A classic.

  4. Dave

    Well you beat me on both the electronics and the box building, which is possibly a little worrying for the owners whose houses I work on! Then again, I changed a timer on a swimming pool control box the other day. A small step for you I suspect but a giant leap for idiotkind in my case!

    • Masher

      Maybe so, Dave, but as a swimming pool maintenance man, you get to have lots of sex with bored housewives. I’ve seen it on telly.

  5. Brennig

    That’s a very good looking box, well done for the inners and outers

    • Masher

      It’s not: it’s rubbish!

      Now, if you want to see a good-looking box…

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