Telescope or horoscope?

Flicking through the BBC website t’other day, I saw a link which said “Space Calendar: What’s Happening In 2019?”… or something like that.

It turned out to be on the Newsround site – aimed at kids – so it was very easy for me to understand 🙂

I enjoyed the read, until I got to November, where I found an error (which I have highlighted in the picture above).

For some reason I found myself incensed with this and tried to leave a comment on the site, to alert them to their heinous blunder – I mean, how could they confuse celestial mumbo-jumbo with proper science?

Unfortunately, my BBC login wouldn’t allow me to do so, saying that I was way too old to comment on the site – like I was some kind of space-nerd paedo, or something.  This incensed me even further and I started composing a a strongly worded email to the Beeb… before something else caught my attention and distracted me.

And then I lost interest.

Us Taureans have a short attention span, y’see.

Anyway, I’m pleased to see that they have now corrected it.


  1. Alan

    You are only annoyed because some 4 year informed them first.

    • Masher

      Yeah, well, no-one likes a smart-arse.
      Even a young one.

  2. Jules

    Look, it’s understandable. The person writing it must have had their moon in Leo and what with Venus going through a bi-annual retrograde this year, I can see why you took the bull to the china shop.

    • Masher

      Please see previous comment.

  3. Wilton

    Best Masher,
    Sorry to disturb you. But on your blog I found a reference to the project “I was first” of 24 december 2017 containing a reference to wireless quiz buzzers.
    In your blog you indicate that you want to share the code if necessary. If it is possible I would like to receive your code so that I also can make the quiz buzzers. Would you be so kind as to send me the code?

    Best regards Wilton,

    • Masher

      Hi Wilton,
      Yes, I’d be happy to. As I said, my code was just a small piece that fitted into Felix’ code… he did all the hard work! You can find his code on his GitHub Repository that I linked to in the blog post.

      Give me a couple of days to dig out my code and I will email it to you.

      • Wilton

        Hello Masher,

        Nice to read you positive reaction and many thanks in advance.
        I have found the code of Felix and trying to edit it. I also wish to make the buzzer for more then two players. Maybe you can send me the complete code, so I can compare it.
        Anyway thanks.

        Greetings Wilton

        • Masher

          Hi Wilton,

          If you’ve not seen it already… you have mail 🙂
          Rather than just send you my lines of code and then try to explain where they go, I have sent the complete sketch. My lines are annotated “MDA” so you’ll know.
          The sketch is for 4 buzzers.
          Have fun and feel free to email me if you need anything further.

  4. Wilton

    Hello Masher
    Is it possible something went wrong?
    I did not received a mail, also not in the spam map.
    I will also send my personal mail address.
    Thanks for the support.

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