That’s enough

I can’t take anymore.

I’m all partied out.

Following the slew of parties before Christmas, we then had – of course – our own Christmas day festivities, at home. This was followed up on Christmas night by a visit to my sister’s, where further festivities took place.

For “festivities”, read “drinks”.

Quite a boozy Christmas, all in all.

And, we have just returned from a weekend up near Daventry, where we attended a family wedding ceremony.

Followed by “festivities”.

A lot of festivities.

Quite frankly, I just want to spend the next two days just laying  in front of the telly, with several cups of tea… and stuffing out-of-date mince pies down my gullet.

But no. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and we have been invited to the traditional family knees-up: always a raucous affair, with plenty of … (ahem),  festivities.

Mrs M has already given her apologies, as she will be working late and is doubtful she can make it.

I, however, have no excuse.

Save for a liver that is crying out for some time off.


  1. Brennig

    Stone me, you party animal! We have done no socialising. And won’t be out on the evening of NYE. There have been early nights, early mornings, and lots of healthy activity. There might be a bottle of Bolinger tomorrow evening though

    • Masher

      Enjoy your Bolly, Bren.
      If things continue, I’m more likely to be downing a bottle San Miguel ’18

  2. Alan

    I see you on centre stage, blue shorts & black top and this was just the warm up before xmas.
    Enjoy the rest of it.

    • Masher

      Nah, that’s not me: I’ve got better legs!

  3. Frances

    You could always join those weird people who give up festivising for January !
    Not heard about the dog for a while… is she?
    Happy New Year.

    • Masher

      Hi Frances!
      Well, I might just do that… although I reckon it’ll be February anyway, before I’m fully dried out!!

      Saber’s fine, thanks. I’ll post some pics or something soon.

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