Britain Has Got Talent

Some years ago, I went to see (hear) The Planet Suite by Holst, being played at the Royal Festival Hall.

It was bloody brilliant.  And I found myself slightly star-struck, when I realised I was sitting just two seats away from Julian Lloyd Webber.

Recently I’ve been longing to go and see (hear) it again… although I doubt Jules will be there this time.

And so tonight finds me searching the internets for tickets.

Tickets to see (hear) The Planet Suite.

All of it.

By Gustav Holst.

I couldn’t find any though and somehow I ended up just listening to Jupiter on YouTube.

Which was great.

But, then the ‘YouTube sidebar of time-wasting’ sucked me in, and I found myself clicking on all sorts of videos, only to emerge two hours later, bleary-eyed and finding that everyone had gone to bed.

But, I thought I’d share a couple of favourites that I found, with you… they’re fairly short.

I would love to have been there for this one, but being a southerner, I missed out. I very much doubt it’s ever going to happen in our shopping mall in town.

And this one just made me jealous: the talent of this fella! It’s scenes like this that make me wish I’d paid more attention to my music teacher at school.



  1. Alan

    ‘and yes I listened to it all from up north.
    They even had a TIMPANI. Dig deep for that one Neddy.
    As you say not a hope for the mall where you are.

    • Masher

      What what what what what!
      I know what a timpani is! * double checks with Google* Yes, I know what a timpani is.

  2. Alan

    I watched the other one as well. Could nickname him “The Musical Dynamo”

  3. Frances

    I love the piano guy. What talent! Can’t see it happening in the Arndale!

    • Masher

      If he tried that in the Arndale, Frances, he’d probably get mugged.

  4. Jules

    I might be there… if you bought me a ticket.

    • Masher

      Is that all it’s gonna take? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

  5. Brennig

    I like the staging of Bolero (but not the piece itself. We’ve never seen eye to eye). And the piano players at Kings Cross are just awesome

    • Masher

      I quite like the Bolero, actually, but it’s not something I’ll often reach for, I’ll admit.

  6. Toffeeapple

    A point of pedantry – two Timpani but one Timpano.

    Apart from that, I always find it astounding that someone can simply sit at a piano and play with such fluidity and in a range of styles. I am totally unable to play musical instrument at all.

    As for Flashmobs, if one happened where I was, I should be very emotional about it and would probably end up in tears of joy.

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