Shopping Trip

On Saturday I went to the Motorcycle Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

And I spent £45,000.





In actuality, I spent just 8 quid.

On a cheeseburger!


But, jeez, there are some bloody  nice bikes out there.

Not that I  need a new bike: my one goes well; it looks nice and I enjoy riding it.

But ‘need’ is different to ‘want’.

And right now, having had my appetite whetted, I sooooo want a new ride.

That one at the top will do nicely, thank you.


  1. Nice little rack on the back to clamp the mobile whip to.

  2. Oooh. If you had bought a £45,000 bike I’d have been interested to read your post on what Mrs Masher had to say about it when you got home.

  3. I just went to the food show and did the very same thing. What a rip!

  4. Blimey and indeed O’Reilly. For £45k I’d expect, well, erm, I don’t know what I’d expect. But I’d expect it. Do you know how many brand new 1,000cc Supersports bikes I could buy for that? Two and a half. Give or take. But blimey. £45k…

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