One Ronnie

These are my glasses.

Or “spectacles” if you prefer.

I used to have really good eyesight and then… I hit 40.

Suddenly, I found I needed glasses for reading.

But as my eyes worsened, I then needed stronger ones for reading and close-up work and weaker ones for mid-range. My far-sightedness was fine, but even that weakened after a while. I found  I was carrying around several pairs of glasses with me.

And, it reached a point where I was balancing two pairs of glasses on my nose, whenever I needed to read really fine print or do very close-up work.

And so I made a decision to change and last year (might have been the one before), I opted (no pun intended) for Varifocals.

And what a boon they have been.

I should have done it sooner.


  1. Varifocals are like Marmite and I love mine.

    • Yeah, I really couldn’t get on with them a few years back when I first tried, but when my eyesight got even worse, they suddenly became very easy to use.

  2. This is a situation I need to address. I wander around with my reading glasses perched on the end of my nose looking over the top of them like some late Victorian school teacher sporting pince nez.

    Anyway, did you hear about the optician who fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself? (Courtesy of Ralph Malph, Happy Days, some considerable time ago).

  3. Velociraptors? You wear velociraptors?

    Also: “I used to have really good eyesight and then… I hit 40”

    Huh? OK at 30mph, but get to 40mph and your eyes fall out?

    • No, no, you’re getting confused. I wear Varifocals, Bren, which are a type of lens specially designed for spectacle wearers with differing degrees of short-sightedness.

      Velociraptors were a kind of dinosaur, that died out decades ago.

  4. I’ve found I can’t read the back of tins anymore so I’ve taken to going out for dinner.

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