Well, Summer seems to have arrived properly now, which means the grass needs to be cut far more regularly.

I hate gardening in general, so will only do the bare minimum to keep it looking tidy.

However, that bare minimum suddenly became a lot easier, last year, when I decided to get a petrol driven lawnmower. Not having to drag extension leads around the garden and not having to worry about accidentally running over the cord and cutting it (which I have done several times, in the past), makes the chore of mowing the lawn, that bit more agreeable.

In fact, so impressed was I with this (should have got one years ago), that I also went out and bought a cordless strimmer and a cordless hedge trimmer, both of which have proved to be a boon.

Now, if I can just find a cordless, dog-proof, garden broom…


  1. Brennig

    We’ve got a four-stroke self-propelled mower which is brilliant. The back lawn is a mentally big. We’ve also got a two-stroke 50cc strimmer which was great last year. This year I can’t get the flipping thing to go

    • Masher

      Sounds like my old Honda CB50… that had a mind of it’s own, too.

  2. Graham W

    I too have always had an electric lawnmower until last year, when I spotted the same model you bought on offer in Screwfix. I was always wary of ‘going petrol’ but I agree it was the best decision I made and makes cutting the lawn a pleasure rather than a chore. After storing it in the garage for winter I was a bit apprehensive of it working straight off as you’re supposed to drain the tank but surprisingly it fired up first time. Well impressed!

    • Masher

      You know it makes sense.
      Yep, mine too started with no problems at all.
      And, I’m still using the same gallon of petrol that I bought last year!

  3. Alan

    I will stick with the old goat……only kidding.

    • Masher

      Has electrickery reached the island yet 🙂

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