Vroom vroom

This is a picture of my bike, taken earlier today.

Just after we returned from the nail-biting ordeal that is the annual MOT.

I’m pleased to say that she passed with flying colours – although we did pick up an advisory warning for the tread on the front tyre being close to the mark.

Which it was, so I have asked them to order a nice new one.

I was a little bit apprehensive about the exhausts though, as I fitted new, louder ones a little while back.

Much louder.

I need not have worried: “She sounds nice” said the MOT inspector.

Indeed she does.



  1. Alan

    When you sit on your bike the saddle is closer than the tread to the Mark.
    Glad it passed ok. Not sure what is worse, going for the MOT or going to the dentist.

    • Masher

      It’s a close call, Alan.

  2. Brennig

    Vroom, vroom indeed! Congratulations on another year on two wheels. I am toying with the idea of doing something similar replacing the far-too-quiet Euro5-standard exhaust on the Ninja. Maybe I will

    • Brennig

      ps: Nice bike!

    • Masher

      You should.
      I’m a firm advocate of Loud Pipes Save Lives.

  3. Jules

    Nice ride!

    • Masher

      That I am!

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