Take 2 bottles into the shower…?

The current Mrs Masher has a catering size bottle of Head & Shoulders that she and Amelia use for washing their hair.

Harry and I use a much smaller bottle – that lasts just as long.

Looking at them in the shower, this morning, I noticed that the one we boys use is emblazoned with the epithet: For Men.

Which is good.

Because we are.

But what is the difference between the two bottles, I wondered?

Well, checking through the list of unpronounceable chemicals on the back, the only difference I could see, was that the male version contains Limonene.

So, not only have I got soft and luxurious, dandruff-free hair, but it smells of lemons too.

Because I’m worth it.


  1. Limonene? Is that a real thing? And you’re worth it? And the girls are not worth it? Why are the girls not worth it? Why? Why?????

    • According to Wikiwoo it is.
      And… I don’t know! I don’t make the stuff.
      Both bottles smell the same to me, anyway.

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