Today, I have been to our head office in Reading.

For meetings, of course.

They don’t have teabags and a well stocked milk fridge there though.

Instead they have these tea & coffee machines.

Vended tea is the work of Satan and I avoid it at all costs.

Vended coffee isn’t much better… because they use powdered milk.

And so, black coffee becomes my alternate hot beverage.

To be fair, the coffee out of this machine is much better than others I’ve tasted.

But it’s still bloody horrible.


  1. Frances

    Many years ago I worked in a large bank branch in Newcastle upon Tyne…(though where it was is immaterial !!). There was a tea/coffee machine in the staff room, and every so often it would dispense a mixture of tea and coffee, regardless of what had been ordered. Let me tell you, that is the most disgusting mix to ever get in your mouth!

    • Masher

      You’ve left yourself wide open with that last sentence, Francis… but I’ll be grown up and not say anything.

      But yes, tea and coffee in the same cup doesn’t sound too appealing.

      • Alan

        I will be grown up as well.

        • Masher

          There’s a first.

  2. Brennig

    Vended hot chocolate is mostly acceptable. But the last couple of places I’ve worked have free tea and coffee in the kitchens. The place I work now has two Costas and one Starbucks. That’s just the building I work in. There’s at least one Costa and one Starbucks in each of the buildings on-campus. But none of them are free. Can you not supply your own beverages?

    • Masher

      Oh, it’s all free.
      But for the few times that I have to visit Head Office, I can put up with it.

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