Watch this!

This is my wristwatch.

Well, it’s one of my wristwatches. I have three.

This is my day-to-day work watch. It’s solar powered, so doesn’t need winding.

I also have a weekend watch. Same make, but slightly more expensive, waterproof and powered by kinetic energy.

The third is my dress watch, the one I wear to weddings and funerals. It too is solar powered, waterproof and it is synced via radio to DSF77, the time signal broadcast from Germany.

I don’t wear jewelry of any kind… apart from a wristwatch… which I wear all the time (pun not intended, but unavoidable).

Without one, I feel naked.


  1. Jules

    You have three watches? Well, aren’t you posh!

    • Masher

      Yes. I am indeed, don’t you know.

  2. Brennig

    You got the time on yer, cock?*

    *Old Jasper Carrot joke

    • Masher

      It did occur to me – too late – that Time On My Hands would have been a better title.

      • Brennig


        Why do you have three watches?

        • Masher

          So I know what time it is.

          I have more than three, actually. But only three that I currently wear.

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