Milky milky

I mentioned at the top of the month that I drink quite a lot of tea, at work.

I’m not the only one (although I have to mention that other hot beverages are available).

Of course, no-one in their right mind takes their tea black.

As such we have a fridge at work, in which to keep the milk.


  1. Alan

    Is there a milk shortage looming?

    • Masher

      Not in our gaff.

  2. Brennig

    Is that an actual for real photo of the inside of your work fridge?

    • Masher

      That is an actual real photo of the inside of our actual work fridge, taken with my camera phone thing… as all the photos are.

  3. Jules

    Do you work at a dairy farm?

    • Masher

      No. Pull the udder one.

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