First World problem

I mentioned, last week, about how I do the weekly food shop on a Saturday.

Well, as personal recompense for doing this, first of all, I visit the in-store café, where I will spend 20 minutes relaxing with a cup of tea and a toasted teacake.

I know: very civilised.

It prepares me for facing the hoards of dozy, inconsiderate shoppers, as they slowly drag themselves round, getting in my way and leaving their trolley wherever it will cause me the most grief.

But, there is something that really annoys me about Sainsbury’s Café and their delicious toasted teacake.

It’s the butter.

Nothing wrong with. It’s a good quality butter.

But, when they give it to you, it has come straight from the fridge.

It’s very, very cold.

As such, it won’t spread on the teacake, without ripping it to shreds. I have to put ‘chunks’ of butter on and then wait for it to melt, by which time my toasted teacake isn’t so toasty.

It’s a terrible, terrible thing.

Who’d want to live my life, eh?


  1. It’s bad enough living my life let alone yours. When you buy your teacake it’s a pity you cannot spread the butter. You will just have to ask for good old fashioned marg.

  2. That’s outrageous! You should put it between your hot, naked arse cheeks and cause a stir.

  3. I can’t believe it’s not butter. As the Bard once said. Why don’t you put it on your cooling pot of hot water, to soften it? As the Bard said twice. I believe.

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